travel stories made with tea

Tea Afar is a nomadic storytelling experience that exchanges traditions across borders. Over tea, we share stories about one country. Three storytellers and a tea master take us on a full sensory journey via photography, music and food. Each event is unique, intimate and full of wonder.

Video Credits:
Directer and Editor: Hala Alsalman
Director of Photography: Roman Zenz
Producer: Tea Afar
Cast: Saher Alkhattib, Nigel Williams, Amber Dixon, Heidy Rodriguez, Sumaya Abubaker, Rosalind McGary, Susu Attar, Marcus Yam, Hala Alsalman, April Banks
Music: Thrupence "Rinse Repeat"


Tea Afar is an artist-run project. Your support helps us bring events to new cities and communities.



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